SMILE Advisory Board

  • Mr. Eric Muchmore

    Mr. Muchmore is a successful financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. He is very much in tune with our cause and has agreed to act as our money manager. This is significant because we will be registering with an organization called Ministry Watch which profiles public charities. Essentially, they are a watchdog organization which Eric is very familiar with and is willing to help us comply with all of their requirements so that we receive the highest accreditation as a charitable organization.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Corey Dash

    Mr. Corey Dash has been in the construction industry his entire career. He is the principal owner of Vision Additions. It is with great appreciation that Corey will oversee and represent SMILE in all our building and renovation projects. His wife Jeannine is a licensed realtor working locally. She is familiar with the availability of properties for the SMILE organization with the experience to find and close the deal.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bartek

    Mr. Peter Bartek is the principle owner and Director of technology of Protran Technology. His wife Carolyn teaches Math and Chemistry at the American Christian school. Both are trusted, respected, family friends of the Board of Directors.

  • Mr. Gregory Marotta, Esq.

    Mr. Marotta is a local attorney who has two developmentally disabled children of his own. One presently resides in a group home and the other still at home with him. Mr. Marotta has extensive experience with all facets of dealing with the care of the developmentally disabled.