Benefits of Learning how to Swim for Adults with Special Needs

Swimming has benefits for everyone; learning how to swim for Special Needs Adults is much more significant. Swimming has a multitude of benefits for people of all ages and abilities. For men and women with physical or developmental disabilities, learning how to swim can not only be a physically and socially stimulating activity, it can... Read more

Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

For parents, any parent, you do worry about the future for your child such as what type of job or employment opportunities they will have. When your child is on the spectrum, it can be even more worrisome, not knowing what possibilities are available to them. Autism Speaks has phenomenal resources for you and your... Read more

Music Therapy Benefits and NJ Locations for Adults with Special Needs

Music is a big part of our lives. You hear it everywhere. In subway stations, waiting rooms, and of course on the radio. What might not be as well known is the idea using music as a form of therapy, which can be very beneficial for adults with special needs. According to the American Music... Read more

Caretaker Tips: De-escalation Techniques

De-escalation is an important subject when it comes to taking care of adults with special needs. Adults living with special needs have little control when it comes to their behavior. Learning how to de-escalate whatever situation that might occur when dealing with a special needs adult is an essential tool for caretakers. Prevention Prevention is... Read more

Activities for Adults With Special Needs

Adults with special needs face many challenges. One such challenge is finding the right activity that can help them bond with other people while keeping them engaged. Whether it's physical or musical activities, the right activity will help support their quality of life. Physical Activities Physical activity provides a way for adults with special needs... Read more

Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

SMILE salutes every person who works tirelessly to help their family members with special needs have the best possible life! … Read more

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Housing Options for Adults with Special Needs

As young adults with special needs grow older, it comes time for a family to consider housing, support and caring options as these young adults enter adulthood. Thankfully, today, there are plenty of housing options for adults with special needs, which may help make this difficult transition easier. While there are pros and cons to... Read more

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11 Uplifting Facts About Individuals Living with Down Syndrome

Here at SMILE, we believe that we can all work together to help those in our community with special needs to live life to the fullest and achieve their highest potential. So in honor of these amazing people, we’re sharing some positive & uplifting facts about Down Syndrome & those who live with it. We... Read more

Caregiver Burnout: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Remedies

As a caregiver of intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals, it isn’t uncommon to face difficulties and challenges along the road that cause great deals of physical and mental stress and fatigue. This is especially true with caregivers balancing various other aspects of their lives on top of caregiving, including work, school, volunteer work and... Read more