It’s almost that time of year where kids will be out of school and cherishing every moment of summer vacation. Parents, on the other hand, may be looking for some fun and creative activities to get their children out of the house and into the fresh air. Parents of special needs children can use this to their advantage. We have compiled a list of a few activities that children with special needs can partake in this summer. Some of them include educational opportunities while others are just for some good old-fashioned fun. Here is our list of 5 Summer Activities for Children with Special Needs:

1. A trip to the local Zoo

The local zoo is a great opportunity to get the kids out of the house, having fun, and learning at the same time. Parents can take their kids to all of the different exhibits and help them learn about animals. What sounds they make, where they come from, it can be a great learning experience.  It is also a great way to learn about environmental awareness and a fun way to get some exercise.

2. Pitch a Tent

It’s time to get the blankets and chairs and make a huge tent/fort in the living room! Kids can have fun for hours in a big fort. You can go get a tent and put it in the middle of the room and build a fort with blankets over the top. The good thing about a tent used at home is that if your child is having a difficult time with it, they can go have some quiet time.

3. Finger Painting

A great creative activity for your child this summer can be finger painting. You can go get a bunch of different of color paints and paper and give your child a chance to express themselves.  It gives your child an opportunity to be creative with colors and paints and see what they come up with. Edible finger paint is also readily available and should be definitely be considered.

4. Create a Play

Lights, Camera, Action! What a fun way to spend a rainy day this summer. You and your child can create a little story and have them perform in front of friends and family. It gives he or she a chance to explore different emotions and speaking in front of others. You can have your child up in lights with a few great costume choices and a song or some lines in no time!

5. Have a Picnic Outside

Break out the checkered blanket, sandwiches, snacks, and mandatory wicker basket. It’s time for a picnic outside! You and your kids can spend some time on a nice day outside in the backyard or the park and have a great lunch. You can bring your child’s favorite foods and snacks and make an afternoon out of it.