For parents, any parent, you do worry about the future for your child such as what type of job or employment opportunities they will have. When your child is on the spectrum, it can be even more worrisome, not knowing what possibilities are available to them. Autism Speaks has phenomenal resources for you and your son or daughter to research and see what opportunities are out there. We have highlighted a few that we believe can be of great benefit for you:

1.The Spectrum Careers

Spectrum Careers is just like Indeed, Monster, or Simply Hired, but specifically for the Autism community. All you have to do is register with an email address and you can get access to job postings, employers, and service providers. They also have an abundance of literature and resources to take advantage of as well.

2. Employment Tool Kit

Autism Speaks also has an Employment Tool Kit that has a section by section approach for everything you need to know about the employment process. We definitely recommend taking some time to look at their A Guide to Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and get the advice and facts that can help your child become employed.

3. New Jersey Employment Resources

Autism Speaks also has a great local resource that shows all of the locations where you can speak to employment services and see what opportunities are available right in your local area. If you are outside of the New Jersey area, you can also search your home state as they will have resources for them as well.

4. College Internship Program (CIP)

CIP is a resource that prepares individuals with learning disabilities for college, employment and independent living. Much like a traditional post secondary education setting, CIP has admissions, a curriculum and different programs to choose from. They have locations in Massachusetts, California, Florida and Indiana.