SMILE salutes every person who works tirelessly to help their family members with special needs have the best possible life!

We know because we’ve lived it – the work is never done, and the sacrifices are countless – but no matter how difficult their calling is, the caregivers never seem to run out of love.

We invite everyone to consider how you could help care for the caregivers!

Perhaps you could cook a meal sometime, make arrangements to give them a break, or even just reach out with a phone call & give them a listening ear. It can make a huge difference in a caregiver’s life just to know that the are a group of people supporting them.

Support is why we’re here

SMILE exists to be a supportive resource to the community of Northern NJ, helping families with special needs and working to provide great Independent Living housing for those with special needs in New Jersey. We’d love to have you join our mission to provide great care to great people!

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