Modern Technology can be a beautiful thing. The internet has allowed many communities to become inter-connected with a communal sharing of ideas and values that can be spread throughout the world rather than just with our neighbors.

In our community of adults with special needs, the age of modern technology has brought our international community together. More importantly, it gives all of us an opportunity to use this technology to assist us in our every day lives.

In more recent years, applications on our mobile phones have enhanced our ability to get information and connect with others quickly. Our special needs community has also been touched with the fortune of having apps on our phones that can be of great use to us in terms of caregiving.

Caregivers need as much help as they can get. Whether it is documenting important information, manage appointments and medications. There are many caregiver apps that can be helpful for you, your loved ones, or who you may take care of.

We have made a list of 3 caregiver apps that we think may be the best in assisting in our everyday lives of caring for adults with special needs.

  1. CareZone

“To make it easier to care for yourself and your loved ones. CareZone brings simplicity, privacy, and peace of mind to managing care.”

Carezone is the perfect caregiver app to assist a caregiver in managing medications, automatic reminders of important information, important contacts, overall health information, and more.

Currently, the app has a 4.6 user rating in the app store and with great reviews such as this:

“This is an amazing app. It is quite thorough and giving me updates and reminders one went to take my medication. I plan to recommend this app to anyone”

2. Birdhouse – For Special Needs

Like Carezone, Birdhouse is another great app for organization purposes:

“Birdhouse for Special Needs helps parents and caregivers organize and coordinate important health information regarding their child’s disability. Parents raising children with autism designed this easy to use web and iPhone/Android app. The simple to use app helps users keep data about ongoing care in one simple timeline. They can then analyze the data to discover patterns and develop a care plan.” (Source: Bridging Apps)

This app has a rating score of 5.0 Rating with reviews such as:

“This app is great! You can write down things like meltdowns and sleep issues and medications, and then you can see it all together to figure out what is causing the problems and/or when you can change something, if/how it helps.”

3.  Connections – The Special Needs Directory

Connections is a great app for any caregiver or parent that needs assistance in finding resources such as medical providers, nutritional information, specialists, and much more.

“Connections is an excellent app designed to guide and connect parents/caregivers with resources for their special needs child. Connections provides the user with a list of categories: Education, Medical, Nutrition, Family, Recreation, and Therapy, which assist parents in locating providers and businesses within these fields.” (Source: Bridging Apps)

The app has a 5.0 Rating with great reviews like:

“Once upon a time finding resources for my autistic daughter took hours! it was excruciatingly painful sitting down and researching online after bedtime! Then came Connections In print! Wow, what a relief”.

Try these Caregiver Mobile Apps

All of these caregiver mobile apps are FREE and can be found in the App store on any iPhone or Android devices. We highly recommend taking a look at these apps and see which one or ones are able to help you as a caregiver in your everyday lives.