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Mr. Al Milford is a Sr. Principal Systems Engineer with HARRIS for 37 years.
Mr. Milford is also the President of “The Smile”. He and his wife Patty are the founders of this wonderful charity organization. The Milfords have a son, Steven, who has Down syndrome. They recognize he will require support and a healthy and happy living environment when they become unable to continue to care for him. In researching placement in the future, they learned the “waiting list” for people with disabilities is insurmountable! Instead of complaining about it, They decided to do something about it.
Mr. Milford along with his wife, Patty, have worked tirelessly to bring “The Smile”, a 501(c)3 charity, to fruition. Their dream is to help others, like their son, who deserve a place to learn, grow and thrive with others like them.

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