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Hello, my name is Arthur.

A fun fact about me is that I am a huge fan of Grease. I have framed autographs from a stage production and I've even been in a stage production myself! 

My favorite food is pizza and it was also the first meal I made here at SMILE with the guys!

I love classic tv shows like The Carol Burnett Show, but more than that I love WWE wrestling! I even have a John Cena autograph hanging up in my new room. Oh, and Fonzi is the second coolest Arthur!

I'm really looking forward to living in Smile because of all the wonderful people. The house is great, but it's not the house, it's the people that make this place so great! I love you guys!

While living here at SMILE, I plan to build up my confidence, increase my independence, learn how to cook and use the computer.

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