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Executive Director

Mrs. Patty Milford is a Paraprofessional, in a classroom for students with multiple disabilities, for the Jefferson Township, Board of Education. She has also worked in the Hopatcong, New Jersey School System for children with “Special Needs”. Patty Milford is very devoted and understands the special and unique developmental and environmental needs that these children require.


Mrs. Milford, along with her husband Al, founded “Smile” which is a 501-(c)(3) charity for young adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The experience that Patty Milford brings to “Smile” will help make this charity different from others. This is because both Patty and her husband Al, have a son named Steven with Down Syndrome. It is because of Steven that the Milfords have recognized the need to help their own child, Steven, as well as others living with "Special Needs". “Smile” is the Milford's vision and commitment to all that seek a home and place of camaraderie for young adults who need assistance in their daily lives.

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