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How to SMILE While Quarantined

Of course, COVID-19 has all of us concerned, but we want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to maintain a healthy and happy environment for our guys.

While we are cooped up, it is important to keep active so, the SMILE guys have come up with ten ways to SMILE during the quarantine.

1. Cook:

This is the perfect time to make each meal an experience. Take the time to work together and make each meal something special. For the dudes yesterday, it was green eggs and sausage on personalized biscuits for breakfast and the classic corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

2. Craft:

Have some old furniture that could use a fresh coat? Some scrapbooks in need of an update? Now is the perfect time to get crafty. Embrace your inner artist and get to work!

3. Sing:

Dust off your old records, cassettes, or CDs and take a trip through time by revisiting some classics from your youth. We don't all have karaoke machines at home, but nothing beats shower acoustics.

4. Exercise:

We all claim there is never enough time to exercise. Well, now there is. Put on some Jane Fonda, pick up your dusty dumbells, or use YouTube for a yoga lesson. Shed those pounds!

5. Read:

Try the old fashioned way. Put the Kindle down, drop that Nook, and pick up a book. Mmmm smells like learning.

6. Binge-watch:

Watching 4 seasons in a weekend? Stranger Things have happened ; )

7. Clean:

If there is time to lean, there is time to clean!

8. Play games:

Giant Jenga, a little UNO, some Monopoly, or for you more daring gamers, perhaps a little Pandemic? Dust off your board game collection and keep the family around the dinner table for some competitive dessert.

9. Dance:

Like no one is watching, even though your pet always is.

10. Journal:

Do you hate these suggestions? Tell us all about it in your journal. You'll feel better.

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Love the pictures keep up the great job Blessings to all

Me gusta
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