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Introducing Arthur

Some of you may have noticed a new face in the photos of our latest adventures, which can be seen in our most recent SMILE in the Mirror. SMILE couldn't be more honored, delighted, or excited to introduce to you and officially welcome home ARTHUR!

Arthur has been getting to know the SMILE family over the last few weeks while participating in several adventures with Steven, Carl, Nate, and Andrew. Once Arthur decided that SMILE was the place he wanted to live full-time, the guys threw him a pizza painting party where they assisted Arthur in painting his new bedroom the color of his choosing, which is called “Stone Lion”. These past few weeks have been exciting for both SMILE and Arthur.

The official move-in day was on July 13th, 2019 and SMILE celebrated the occasion with a beautiful gathering of friends and family for a summer barbecue. The guys all helped decorate the house with balloons and signs hanging everywhere saying "Welcome Home Arthur!". When Arthur first crossed the threshold of his new home, he was greeted by his new housemates with hoots, hollers, hugs, and applause.

After unpacking, Arthur and his family helped add the finishing touches to his room. The family wall mounted his 50-inch TV, hung up two beautiful mirrors and his bright red curtains, along with his autographed John Cena poster. Arthur decorated his desk with all his trophies, gold medals, and his favorite photos, including one with the FONZ!

After all that hard work, it was time to enjoy the party. Arthur joined everyone downstairs for some dry-rubbed grilled chicken, hot dogs, Bubba burgers, pasta salads, watermelon, and countless other homemade treats. After feasting, the guys played games of Cornhole and Badmittion, tossed the football around a bit and enjoyed the company of great friends and family. The highlight of the games played, however, was the session of Giant Jenga that 15 of us played together. It was a wonderful bonding experience for everyone involved.

A big thanks to all of you who helped make this such a special and unforgettable day for Arthur and SMILE. All of us are beyond thrilled to welcome Arthur home as part of the SMILE family. Please remember that all we do at SMILE for Arthur, Steven, Carl, Nate, and Andrew is possible through your support and you can make a tax-deductible donation through our secure website. Thank you all and remember to be the SMILE in someone’s day!

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