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SMILE in the Mirror

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The SMILE residents haven’t let the crisp air and falling leaves slow their active schedule. This wonderful time of year has brought new opportunities for experiences and memories.

SMILE’s Fall season began with a generous donation from SALT. For the entirety of October, SALT has agreed to donate $1.00 for every pint of beer they sell from line #9. If you haven’t been to SALT yet this month, there is still time so, please make sure you bring your thirst there this month.

The guys have enjoyed the usual Fall festivities this month, which include apple and pumpkin picking, navigating a corn maze, a haunted hayride, casual strolls through the foliage, some pumpkin painting, and of course, baking as much as possible.

On one surprisingly sunny Fall day, Doc decided to take the guys out on his boat for one last ride. The guys had an absolute blast boating on Lake Hopatcong.

Hopatcong hosted a Foodtruck Festival on September 28th. Arthur, Steven, Nate, Andrew, and Carll all had a blast with the dunk tank and enjoyed the unique foods that were available.

On Friday, October 11th, Mayor Mike invited the SMILE residents to a Hopatcong Chiefs home game. The guys were all very excited and put their Chiefs jerseys on for the game. While at the game, the guys were surprised to receive recognition from Mayor Mike at halftime and the Chiefs Cheerleading Squad, who gave a custom SMILE cheer. A roaring crowd supported Steven, Arthur, Carl, Nate, and Andrew with applause and truly made them feel at home with their community.

The Harvest Festival at Grace Church was another wonderful experience for the SMILE guys. SMILE’s very own Allan and Patty Milford made time in their busy schedules to bring the guys themselves. The Harvest Festival had an abundance of fall foods, an animal exhibit, which included a giant snake, several carnival games, and karaoke, which kept Carl busy all day.

Perhaps the highlight of the season so far has been the recent trip to the Turtle Back Zoo. Nate loved seeing the pink flamingos, Arthur enjoyed the lions and train ride, and Steven thought the monkeys had the coolest exhibit. Carl said Ashley was his favorite part of the zoo, but we know it was the stingrays. Andrew thought that he had unearthed the archeological find of the century when he found the Buddhist statue, but he was equally in awe of the lions.

The guys have been savoring the season each day and are eager for the upcoming holidays. As the guys continue to grow both as individuals and as members of the SMILE family, there is an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment. If you enjoy hearing about our adventures at SMILE, please subscribe to stay up to date. Everything at SMILE is possible through the generosity of donors such as yourself. Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation through our website. As always, remember to be the SMILE in someone's day!

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