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SMILE in the Mirror

Every Tuesday night, SMILE hosts an evening of recreation, which is open to the general public. These recreation events, which include BINGO, Karaoke, Crafts, and Cooking Club, present a wonderful opportunity for the SMILE residents to meet new friends from the community and to spend some time with the friends they have made. If you're interested in joining us please visit our website at or email Susan at

BINGO is always a hit. Carl’s charisma while calling numbers rivals that of Richard Dawson (google him). There are always a ton of prizes and everyone goes home feeling like a winner.

SMILE’s Karaoke night is Andrew’s favorite. Everyone signs up and takes turns rocking the stage. to their favorite tunes. Our favorite part is when everyone gets up together at the end of the night to sing as one large group.

Everyone gets to flex their art muscle on Craft Nights. Some incredible ornaments have been made, landscapes constructed, and vases painted. For some of us, these nights are as therapeutic as they are fun.

Cooking Club nights are a great chance for participants to work as a team in order to make some delicious snacks. Nate usually helps decide what we will be making on these nights.

No matter which event is going on, our guys always have a blast and they love opening their home to friends and family. We look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

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