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Thank You!

In October, SMILE threw a fundraiser and asked for your support. You answered our call for help and thanks to your support, we were able to purchase and install a home backup generator.

This powerful 22kw machine will give SMILE peace of mind for years to come and will ensure that our residents never go without power. After experiencing a few small outages over the winter, we knew this had to be a priority. Thanks to you, our guys are prepared to weather the worst of storms.

Additionally, SMILE recently acquired a new vehicle. Since our grand opening, our wonderful and devoted staff have been utilizing their vehicles to transport the guys to and from work, to social events, dinners out, shopping, and everywhere else that is needed on any given day. As the general wear and tear on staff vehicles increased, we recognized that it needed to stop, and now it can.

Our new minivan, which the guys have affectionately named “Betsy”, can comfortably accommodate all 5 residents and 2 staff. That means there will be no more multiple vehicles to social events or shopping sprees. Gas is covered by SMILE and staff will be free of maintenance concerns.

As we continue to grow, we find new ways to support and empower our guys. Remember, we aren’t simply providing housing. We are establishing homes and investing in lives. Thank you all and please be safe in there.

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