SMILE in the Mirror

Thankfulness is a guaranteed path to joy and, here at SMILE, joy is a contagion. The changing season has brought with it new experiences, adventures, and reasons to be thankful.

We welcomed November by celebrating Steven’s 32nd birthday. Those closest to Steven gathered for a superhero-themed event that included catering from Krave, some karaoke singing, and the gift of family.

Whether the guys were attending a performance by Mario the Magician, hanging with Mayor Mike, visiting veterans, checking out the local theatre scene, or napping in preparation for the next event, they did it all together and with a SMILE.

On November 23rd, the SMILE guys invited their friends and family over to their house for an unforgettable feast in celebration of our second annual SMILE Friendsgiving. If you didn’t brine your turkey this year, we highly recommend you do so for your next Thanksgiving.

After spending months preparing, Carl got his wish of baptism at Grace Church Bethlehem. It was a proud moment for Carl and a joyous Sunday service. Carl would like to thank everyone that attended and let them know how much their presence meant for him as he starts this new path in life.

SMILE has begun to host recreation events, which take place each Tuesday. Please check out our events calendar or email Susan to sign up and join us for a great time.

As we countdown to Christmas, the guys have worked hard to pull the decorations from storage and make the love of home and holiday present in appearance.